We are told to write down our goals, create a plan, and then you will achieve them. However, for some of us, even though we do this, we still haven’t achieved our goals. We look on and think what I am doing wrong? Why is everyone else achieving their goals and I seem to be stuck?  And IG doesn’t help, we see everyone ‘living their best life, that is, besides me! Now, before you go there, let’s take a deeper look into how you are setting out to achieve your goals. 

What we learned about writing down our goals is absolutely correct. You do need to write down your goals and you need to create a plan. But that’s not all… In addition to taking those two steps, you also need to do the following:

Set the Right Goals – The first rule to set your goals is that they must be SMART. 

S – Make sure your goals are as specific as possible. Don’t just say I won’t buy a house, instead state what kind of house you would like to buy and how much it will cost.
M –
Your goals should be measurable, so you can track them. If we use the example of buying the house above, you will know exactly how much money you need for the deposit.
A – Set goals that are attainable and within your reach. Don’t shoot for the US$1M home when realistically you can only afford a mortgage for a US$500,000 home (Well at this time in your life, because we believe in growing and growing)
R – Are your goals relevant?  Is it something you really want? According to one of my favorite reggae songs – You can get it if you really want – Jimmy Cliff, who else loves Jimmy Cliff?  Ensure your goals are relevant to your life.

T – You must have an end in mind before you start unless your goal becomes a moving target. I am not saying that ‘stuff’ doesn’t happen that will cause delays. But when you

are working towards achieving something by a certain time, you will create a plan that helps you reach that milestone. So make your goals time-bound.

Keep Track of Your Progress – Tracking your progress is super important. Remember now, that your goal is time-bound, so you have an end in mind. By tracking your progress you will know just ‘how close’ or ‘how far away you are to your goal. This means you know when you need to press the gas or you can pull back (that is, if you are not an over-achiever and want to beat your original timeline☺). I always encourage persons to take the over-achiever route, just in case life happens along the way. Being closer to your goal in the early stages can help buffer any unforeseen events that may occur that can put you at a setback.

Be in the Right Environment – Your environment is important to achieving your goals. It is like having an accountability partner. Someone to check in, motivate and steer you back in the right direction when you go off-course, or simply feel like you will never get there. Having a community of persons who support you and share the same vision can help you make a real dent in reaching your goals.

Knowing what your goals are is a great start. Let’s make them happen. Join the MoneySquad to learn how to achieve your money goals in an environment with like-minded persons. 

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