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If you’re interested in learning about real estate investing, attending the Build Wealth with Real Estate Investor Conference is a must. We are bringing together some of the most successful and influential real estate experts and investors in the industry to share their knowledge and insights. 

 You gotta be in the room!


Experts and professionals from the real estate and financial sector.


Learn from seasoned professional with years of expertise.


Network with investors from the Caribbean and North America.


Share ideas and find partnerships to grow and accelerate wealth.


Flex Your Real Estate Muscle

Learning about residential real estate investing and investing in Jamaica can provide you with a well-rounded understanding of the real estate industry.

Real Estate investing can offer stable long-term cash flow. Understanding the nuances of investing in the Jamaica also important, as it has a complex and dynamic real estate market.

By learning about these topics, you can gain the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions and maximize your investment returns




Keisha Bailey

CEO - Profit jumpstarter & Chief Wealth Strategist

Keisha Bailey is the industry powerhouse behind the Profit Jumpstarter brand and is an experienced Financial Strategist, Investment Educator and Entrepreneur.

Matthew Garland

Real Estate & Financial Literacy Expert & 2x Author

Matthew Garland, widely known as MG The Mortgage Guy, is an exceptional figure in the realms of real estate and financial literacy. As an accomplished author of two influential books, "The Real Estate Manifesto" and "House Hackonomics: How To House Hack Your Way To Wealth," he has shared invaluable insights with readers seeking to navigate these domains.

Wayne Brooks

International Real Estate Investor & Success Mentor

Wayne Brooks is a highly experienced and accomplished real estate investor and agent with over 10 years of experience in the Cleveland market. He has transitioned from being an out of state investor from Jamaica to specialize in working with investors on both on and off market deals. He understands the unique needs and challenges faced by out of state investors and leverages this experience to help them navigate the market and find profitable investment opportunities.

Omar Wisdom

CEO - Wisdom Mortgages, Lead Mortgage Broker

Lead International Mortgage Broker and CEO of Wisdom Mortgages based in Canada

KAlilah reynolds

Award-Winning Journalist & Entrepreneur

Kalilah Reynolds is an award-winning business and finance journalist, financial educator, and entrepreneur.

Ryan Taylor

The founder and CEO of Tasc Property Appraisals

Real estate broker, part-time lecturer at the University of Technology on valuation methods and techniques, past president of the Association of Land Economy and Valuation Surveying – ALEVS (2019-2020), past chairman of the Construction Industry Council (2020-2021), and current chairman of the disciplinary committee for the Real Estate Board, has spent over a decade learning all the variables of real estate and excelling in the field.

Shaneka Shaw Taylor

Civil Litigation Lawyer and Realtor

The brilliant mind behind Taylor'd Litigation Professional Corporation, a distinguished civil litigation boutique located in the vibrant city of Toronto. As the Founder and driving force behind the firm, Shaneka has established herself as an exceptional lawyer, garnering multiple prestigious awards for her outstanding contributions to the legal field.

Nicole Barham


Nicole Barham is the founder and CEO of Design Your Wealth and creator of 5 Minute Bookkeeper who works with women entrepreneurs showing them how to go from being stressed-out about business finances and scrambling at tax time to being on top of their finances like clockwork.

Stacey Hines


Stacey Hines is a Digital Transformation Strategist & #TechBoss who focuses on helping individuals & businesses discover their potential to transform, build and scale businesses using technology. She serves as Chair, Director and advisor on multiple boards where her strengths lie in non-traditional strategic thinking, marketing in a digital world and conscious leadership.

Michelle O'Connor

CEO - Strategy with Michelle

Michelle helps entrepreneurs who want to grow their business to 6 figures create growth strategies that drives towards success and helps them to smash goals. Michelle has always been passionate about planning, as she believes it's the foresight of achieveing one's desired goals. She not only plans on a business level but, being a mother and wife, does so on a day to day basis also.


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Profit Jumpstarter is a financial education company that is backed almost 20 years of financial experience and wealth creation.  Lead by industry powerhouse, Keisha Bailey, this platform is designed to teach you how to build wealth for generations to come.

wealth coaching


Profit Jumpstarter is here to jump start not just profits, but fortunes that stand the test of time.

Committed to activating the savvy investor inside every client, this company was designed to teach the customized blueprints for not just building wealth, but establishing a lasting legacy.

The Money Guru Got Scammed


Our networking community  is a great resource for investors seeking to meet other like minded aspiring investors.  Being around like minded people is key in motivating you to take educated and calculated decisions.  We are a community of action takers from different professions, different portfolio sizes and different experiences and backgrounds.  We are here to learn from, with and about each other.

Making Money Moves While Single


(Sessions may be subject to adjustments)

Understand the power of Real Estate Investing

An influx of talent, trends towards renting over buying, and a steady market even when faced with economic downturns means that now is an excellent time to invest in real estate.


How to use real estate to build wealth

Real Estate investing is a profitable option for investors that provides financial benefits, greater cash flow, and more. We begin by exploring the full power of real estate and the opportunities it presents for you.


As borders become more permeable and markets increasingly interconnected, seizing international real estate opportunities has never been more accessible or rewarding.

Economic implications for Jamaica's real estate market

Being able to read the market is a vital skill that all real estate investors must perfect. Here, we’ll discuss recent news and developments affecting the Jamaican real estate market.

Introduction to Investing in Jamaica

Real estate investing in the Jamaica involves buying, managing, and selling properties to generate passive income or profit from appreciation. It is a popular form of investment due to its potential for long-term growth and stability.. With the right strategy and due diligence, real estate investing can be a lucrative and fulfilling opportunity for investors.

Unlock Your Dream Paradise: The Ultimate Cross-Border Guide for Buying Property in Jamaica

Get ready to make your dreams a reality with our ultimate guide that reveals the secrets to purchasing your own slice of paradise in Jamaica. From stunning beachfront villas to hidden gems in the lush mountains, this discussion will navigate you through the cross-border process, ensuring you find your perfect Jamaican getaway.

Know your numbers, build your dreams

 Here, we’ll discuss tips and strategies to track and improve your finances so you can easily and quickly achieve your investment and financial goals.

How to use other people's money (OPM) in order to create and broker real estate deals

Higher market entry costs and ongoing expense is a characteristic of multifamily properties. Most investors rely on multiple forms of financing using other people’s money, such as seller financing, subject to existing financing, private money, and more. We’ll discuss your options and explore the pros and cons in creating and brokering deals.

Unleash Stress-Free Financial Success in 30 Days or Less

 Here, we’ll discuss tips and strategies to become your most successful self while avoiding burnout and depression.

The Art of Strategic Thinking : Mastering the Foundations

Explore how to analyze complex situations, anticipate future trends, and develop effective strategies to achieve your financial goals. 

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Profit Jumpstarter

Profit Jumpstarter is a boutique wealth coaching and financial education firm. Helmed by financial industry veteran Wealth Coach, Keisha Bailey (MBA, CFA, FRM), Profit Jumpstarter is a step-by-step, start-to-finish financial support system committed to making wealth-building understandable, accessible and actually easy to maintain.

Build Wealth with Real Estate Investing Conference

AC Hotel by Marriott Kingston, Jamaica


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