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I teach people how to invest so they can achieve financial freedom

My programmes and resources will give you the education and support you need to grow your money & build wealth by investing


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1:1 Coaching

My VIP Investment Coaching Programme is the perfect way to work with me on an individual basis. 

Join Money Squad

Money Squad is my investment membership community with weekly investment sessions.

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I partner with companies and brands that align with my mission to teach people how to  build generational wealth.

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Book me as an Financial Speaker, Host or Panelist for your next event.

Make Money with Investing Bootcamp

The Ultimate 2 Day Money Bootcamp

May 28 to May 29 at 4pm JA | 5pm EST

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Real money results from clients

“Don't delay! Keisha teaches you about investing in a way that's easy to understand and implement.”
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" Learning makes me feel confident. I am confident that I am not just throwing my money out there and I now understand how and when to buy quality stocks. "
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“Do it! You won't regret it. You will learn invaluable skills that you can use way into the future."
Keisha Bailey


Money Squad is my exclusive investment membership programme where you learn the blueprint to being a successful investor

I show you how to turn the money you HAVE into the money you WANT with practical guidelines, support resources and radical accountability!

$550 one-time Enrolment Fee + $50/month

Join my group of successful investors building wealth together through the stock market

Educate. Liberate. Activate

Step by Step Support to build your wealth

We are there for every step of your money journey

I provide step-by-step, start-to-finish financial support system committed to making wealth-building understandable, accessible and actually easy to sustain.

Ready for Private Investment Consultation?

Let's jump on a call together and discuss what are the best steps for you to take right NOW to build wealth.

Tons of content, free resources and a variety of courses to help you grow your money & achieve financial freedom.
Keep your money game growing with a smart, energetic community of like-minded people plus resources to keep you on top. There's so much more support and resources in this ongoing space for money brilliance.
An abundance mindset is critical for building wealth. We teach you how to put everyday money situations into context so you stay focused on your goals
You have the pocket power to be wealthy. I teach you the blueprint and provide to the accountability to get you there.

Check me out on YouTubeFree Investing Education Videos

My mission is “to teach you how to invest so you can turn the money you have into the money you want.” I teach viewers how to build wealth and take control of their personal finances and be successful investors.



Keisha Bailey

Investment Educator & CEO of Profit Jumpstarter

Keisha Bailey is the industry powerhouse behind the Profit Jumpstarter brand and is an experienced Financial Strategist, Investment Educator and Entrepreneur. She spent 17 years making money for wealthy individuals and corporations before shifting her expertise towards serving the up and coming generations of wealth builders.

Her knowledge of the financial industry is matched only by her passion to teach what she knows to rising money-makers on the individual and institutional levels. 

Whether they are equipping corporate teams to do more with their current income, or she is encouraging an individual to explore greater investment options, Keisha and her team operate on three principles: educate + liberate + activate.

People in control of their time, money and knowledge, are people in control of life. That’s the freedom Profit Jumpstarter believes in creating for every client, company and community they serve.

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