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Keisha Bailey

CEO | wealth coach

Wealth Coach, Keisha Bailey is the industry powerhouse behind the Profit Jumpstarter brand and its CEO. She spent 17 years making money for wealthy individuals and corporations before shifting her expertise towards coaching the up and coming generations of wealth builders.


Jermaine Bailey

cmo | digital strategist

Jermaine Bailey, CMO and Chief Digital Strategist is responsible for oversight of the company’s strategic operations and leads our digital transformation activities. He has over 15 years of experience as an International Marketing expert leading campaigns for some of the largest companies in the Caribbean and North America.


Ashalee Bingham

administrative assistant

Ashalee is responsible for all administrative tasks for the organization. She also is responsible for handling all client queries and ensures that our clients interests are a top priority.

From our CEO

Profit Jumpstarter is a boutique wealth coaching and financial education firm. Helmed by financial industry veteran Wealth Coach, Keisha Bailey (MBA, CFA, FRM), Profit Jumpstarter is a step-by-step, start-to-finish financial support system committed to making wealth-building understandable, accessible and actually easy to maintain.

I know that the financial world can be intimidating- and that can be true for any investor, from individuals to institutions or anything in between. That’s why I believe in starting exactly where you are, and helping you build your unique roadmap for your unique wealth destination. 

For me, freedom means total control of your knowledge, time and money.

Engage. Educate. Liberate.

That’s the Profit Jumpstarter way.

Keisha Bailey

- Certifications -


CFA®️ Charterholder

CFA Institute


MBA’15  at Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario


FRM ®️ Charterholder

Global Association of Risk Professionals

financial areas covered

Cashflow & Budgets

Are you spending less than you earn and able to set money aside for your goals? How can you shift around your expenses so you can fund the things that matter most?

Debt management

How quickly can you become debt-free? Which debts to pay-off, refinance, or de-prioritize?

Investment & Retirement

Should you be investing now? How much? Who should you give you advice? Does your investment strategy match your goals, time-frame, and risk tolerance?

Estate planning

Do you have a plan for when you are unable to make decisions for yourself or loved ones? How do you prevent your loved ones from inheriting a financial mess while grieving?

Insurance & Risk

Are you and your assets adequately protected against negative events?

abundance mindset

Are you maximizing all of the skills and resources that you have? What can you do to get more out of your life?

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