is your money working for you so you don't have to work as hard?

My VIP 1-1 Coaching Programs are for professionals, entrepreneurs and service-based business owners earning at least US$100k/year and looking to accelerate how their money & investments grow so they can consistently build wealth faster.

Educate. Liberate. Activate

Step by Step expertise to build wealth faster

get your personal wealth accelerator strategy plan created by an award winning investment specialist

If your money is not working for you then it’s losing value & depreciating.

I provide a step-by-step, start-to-finish wealth acceleration strategy committed to making wealth-building understandable, accessible and more quickly achieved.

Work with me to significantly accelerate your wealth creation. My program is designed to take you to $1M net worth.

how it works

schedule a consultation
Book a Wealth Strategy Consultation to discuss your goals, concerns, and see if it's a fit for us to work together. You'll complete the pre-meeting questionnaire prior to this call.
client onboarding
Once we are aligned and ready to work together. Sign Agreement & Confirm Payment ➡️ Schedule Our Series of Coaching Meetings ➡️ Complete Data-Gathering Activities
session 1
Overview of your current investing status, your net-worth, identify gaps, align your goals, and proposed cash-flow plan for various investments. We will also discuss insurance, legacy and estate planning. We'll leave this meeting knowing exactly what we want to accomplish in the next 30 days. (Duration: 1 hr)
session 2
You will receive your personalized WEALTH ACCELERATOR STRATEGY PLAN to reach at least $1M in investment net worth. We will discuss the best methods to implement this plan. (Duration: 30mins)
session 3
We'll review the risks to your personalised WEALTH ACCELERATOR STRATEGY PLAN and identify any gaps. (Duration: 30mins)
next steps
We will discuss how you will continue to implement the strategies you have learnt. We will discuss the possibility of continuing as a monthly client.


Most frequent questions and answers

Professionals, Entrepreneurs & service-based business owners earning at least US$100k/year and struggle with low performing investment portfolios who want to implement the expert strategies to grow their investments faster.

  • Anyone looking to “flip money.”
  • Anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  • Anyone looking for free advice that they don’t plan to implement.

We charge a flat fee for financial & investment consulting. Packages start at US$1,000 for new clients. Please book a consultation call to discuss our packages.

I have find that my most successful clients earn at least US$100k per year in income and have investments (stocks, real estate, bonds, cryptocurrency etc.) of at least US$50k

Important note: All Payments are in USD and due to the nature of this program, there is no refund after payment.