How To Invest With Confidence

With everything that is happening now the easiest thing to say is, “I’m going to stop investing, I’m going to stop putting my money in the bank because I’ve worked too hard for my money and I don’t want anyone to steal it. While understanding that this way of thinking seems logical, it isn’t, if your goal is to become wealthy. 

Last week in our live masterclass I taught about how to protect your money. We had over 100 people on the live who were able to learn the tips and tricks on how to make sure their money is protected. Some of these tips and trick includes: 

  1. Doing your due diligence
  2. Knowing who you are dealing with
  3. Protecting yourself online 
  4. Diversifying your investments
  5. Paying attention to your accounts

And just in case you missed the Masterclass you can catch the replay HERE. The thing is, investing is the way to build wealth and we can’t not invest because if you put your money into a savings account you are actually becoming poorer, yes you heard me, POORER because the interest rate you get on your savings account is less than inflation and in order to build wealth you have to be earning a rate of return that is higher than inflation. 

So it’s best to still invest regardless of what’s happening, despite the numerous reports and allegations of fraud and scamming, we still have to invest, we just have to be wise about it and do our due diligence. 

The 5 things we spoke about in the masterclass you can implement them now but the easiest way for persons who don’t really understand how to get started is to get support and guidance. 

Here at Profit Jumpstarter that’s what we do, we help people by holding their hands, and showing them how to invest and build wealth. If that is you and you want someone to point out the ins and outs, the tricks and the pitfalls, and the best strategies for investing, then we are your people. 

You also want to put your fund where it is secured, so you can consider starting with a unit trust product because those funds are managed by a professional. Now, I get it, you’ve lost some confidence in the system, but here’s how you invest with confidence, do your due diligence- TRUST BUT VERIFY – I can’t stress it enough because it works. 

Also, know where you are putting your money and make sure that your advisor is a reputable person by asking for their license, their credentials and of course check in on your account balances regularly to make sure you are monitoring your investments, if you do that you are going to find that you feel a lot more confident with your finances and you’re going to feel more confident in your wealth-building journey. 

No matter what we still have to invest to build wealth, so the key thing then is to be wise about “di ting”, and level up our level of due diligence and monitoring because at the end of the day, investing is the only way to build wealth. 

How confident are you in building wealth through investing? Do you use any of the tips or tricks mentioned in the masterclass? Hit reply or drop me a note in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.