Prepare for Retirement With Real Estate

Your girl is getting up in age! I’m approaching that big 40 soon. Which has caused me to start thinking about retirement a lot these days. I feel it’s right around the corner and getting caught off guard in my 50s, panicking and not sure what to do when I get to the retirement stage is not a part of my plan. I’m not about that life and you shouldn’t be either. One of the ways I’ve started to prepare for retirement is by using real estate as part of my retirement planning strategy. 

The fact that so many of the movie stars, music stars, and even people I’ve grown up with are either announcing that they have some kind of illness or they’re just dying, is a sign that I’m getting old. This means that I have to be responsible, start thinking about what my retirement days will look like, and put the necessary things in place. 

See the thing is, phase one of my life was career-focused. It was about doing my degree, then my master’s, then working working working up the corporate ladder. Now phase two it’s about building a legacy. In that building is my business, Profit Jumpstarter. The building of an asset that can create a legacy for my family comes through Profit Jumpstarter, but I also have to also think about retirement. That way when I can no longer work or choose to step down from working, I can do so comfortably without having to worry about where my income is going to come from to sustain the life I want to live. 

Real estate is one of the main assets I’m using for retirement because with real estate you physically can leave properties for your kids and they will be able to have a start. I didn’t necessarily have a start. Growing up I had to work and get the money to buy the first house. Property was never handed down to me. My mother’s main contribution was providing education for us so we could get a good job. She gave us the foundation for phase one. But now in phase two, I have a responsibility to create that sustainable wealth that can be passed on to the generations after me. This phase is about building a legacy. Real estate is a big part of that for me because I want to give my son a start in his life. 

A lot of the clients at Profit Jumpstarter are planning for retirement and are working with me and my team to ensure that their retirement also includes some real estate. Again, it’s a popular choice because you physically, in real life, can see what you are leaving, unlike other types of financial assets, which you can’t really see that easily. With real estate, you have something in real life that you can see and pass on. It’s a really viable strategy and it can be very profitable if you know the right ways to do it. Consulting and working with companies such as Profit Jumpstarter can help you to properly use real estate investing as part of your retirement planning strategy.

Retirement may seem far and it’s easy to think that you have time before you need to think about that. Truth be told, many people don’t even like to think about retirement because it seems like life done. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can determine what your retirement days will look like, but it really takes a long-term plan, with smart strategic steps to ensure that you have the kind of retirement that you’re looking forward to. Real estate is an investment that can pour into your retirement planning in several ways, starting with knowing WHEN to get started. Which is now, today. The sooner you can start planning and preparing for retirement the better. 

I hope that in reading this money quick fix today you are able to see and start thinking about your own retirement. And maybe for you too real estate can be a part of that retirement plan. The aim is really to think sooner rather than later. Don’t put off your retirement planning by thinking that you’re young because before you know it life can catch up on you. So we have to be responsible, be proactive, and start thinking about what that retirement can look like, and for many people like myself, it’s going to include real estate.

How are you preparing for retirement? Is Real Estate part of your retirement plan? We’d love to hear from you. Share with us in the comments.