Recap of The Build Wealth With Real Estate Conference

In a world where financial literacy and wealth management are more crucial than ever, our Build Wealth Conference 2023 could not have come at a more opportune time. This event did exactly what I was hoping it would. It created an educational space of enlightenment and empowerment for like-minded individuals who are on their journey to becoming wealthy. It was amazing to see people from diverse backgrounds being exposed to insights, strategies, and inspiration that have set them on the path to financial success. And you know I’m all about setting you up for financial success. 

The conference was packed with information that allowed investors to gain insight into the local and real estate market while inspiring them to invest amidst the challenges. People came out with their money books, I saw IPad screens filled with notes and gems which tells me that attendees were left motivated and equipped to embark on their journeys toward financial freedom. 

It warmed my heart to see the success of the first staging. Some of our attendees flew in from the US and Canada just to be at the conference. I am humbled by the commitment to investing, learning, and building wealth. This is the kind of thing that fuels my passion for helping more people on the road to wealth. 

Our presenters were truly inspirational and thought-provoking with their presentations. It was really a dream come through. Headlining the conference was international mortgage broker and millionaire Matthew Garland, who made his debut trip to Jamaica for the first time, alongside Wayne Brooks, a Jamaican-born investor and success mentor who introduced the attendees to virtual real estate investment in the US market.

Sharing the stage with Garland and Brooks were journalist and entrepreneur Kalilah Reynolds who provided a detailed account of Jamaica’s economic outlook for real estate investors; realtor Ryan Taylor; motivational speaker Stacey Hines; strategist consultant Michelle O’Connor; 5-minute bookkeeper entrepreneur Nicole Barham; international real estate expert, Omar Wisdom, and lawyers, Shaneka Shaw Taylor, Tricia O’Connor, and Seraphia Spence. I am grateful to each and every speaker for gracing the stage. They poured out their knowledge and expertise in wealth building, which was well received. 

I hope to see more people joining the wealth movement, by making the move to learn more about how to build wealth and take advantage of the opportunities available for investors. Our conference’s mission to guide individuals toward financial success has just begun.