What Money Means To Me

There is more to building wealth than just the value of your bank account. This means that being wealthy is more than just having a lot of money. Imagine having all the money you have ever wanted, right now, how would it change your life? Knowing what money means to you can significantly impact your wealth journey and determine whether or not your accumulation of wealth will be sustainable. 

For some, having money means being able to go on shopping sprees, and buy the hottest vehicle on the market, perhaps buying the biggest house in the richest neighborhood and taking trips around the world, buying out the bar in the club, and pretty much living the life of an idle rich. But if your perception toward having money is solely based on what you will be able to spend, then you probably won’t be able to hold on to money for very long. This is why we often see people who acquire instant riches fall flat broke after only a couple of months, simply because of their skewed view of money.

When you are in the process of building wealth, money, for you, has to take on a different meaning. It has to be seen beyond the fact that you will have more spending power. The meaning of money for someone who is serious about building wealth will often coincide with their big WHY, their reason for wanting to be wealthy. This is critical as it will impact every decision a person makes in their wealth journey and as they aim to achieve their financial goals. 

At Profit Jumpstarter, money takes on various meanings for our clients, some, after working with us, have established an even greater appreciation for what money can actually do for them. Here are just some of the common meanings of money from a few of our clients. 

Changing generational patterns

The stories of growing up in a low-income household or having come from a financially poor background is a common reality for many. The experience of seeing parents working hard to make ends meet often lights the fire for wanting to change the pattern. Striving for wealth for a lot of our clients means being able to stop the cycle of poverty or poor money habits in a family’s history in order to create a better future. 

Creating a better future for the children 

There are those clients whose desire to become wealthy is tied to building a legacy and securing a better future for their children. Money for them means creating a life for their children that they never had the chance to experience and also having the ability to give their children a head start on their own wealth journey. 

Planning for retirement 

For those clients who fall in the category of the affluent class, maintaining a particular lifestyle even after working years is very important and so money for them means being able to secure their retirement years to live as comfortably, if not more comfortably when they are no longer able to work. 

The ability to give back 

Then we have those clients who are philanthropists and want the freedom to do what they love and give back to society without the restrictions of not having enough money to do so. Money for them means being able to advance their communities. 

Money for everyone takes on a different meaning. Knowing exactly what money means to you will certainly help you in your wealth-building journey. Wealth building is more than just having a lot of money. So the question here is what does having money mean to you?