Wealthy Habits: Protecting Your Wealth

It has become evident that there is a rising pattern of cybercrime targeting accounts that hold large balances, especially those that are less frequently checked by their owners than other financial accounts. However, staying informed and taking control of your money by proactively monitoring all the important pieces of your financial life that are among cyberthieves’ high-value targets, is critical. When it comes to your finances you have to remain vigilant at all times, this means paying keen attention to your bank transactions, credit card statements, investment and retirement accounts. Protecting your wealth is a wealthy habit.

Scammers and fraudsters are using technological advancements to their advantage, which is why protecting your data and online assets on your wealth journey is of paramount importance. Tech is everywhere and is ever-evolving, this has over time raised concerns about cybersecurity as more and more people become victims of cybercrimes.

When making an investment decision, be logical, and research the company or the investment that you are looking to invest in. Ask yourself, does the company show strong revenue growth over a period of time, do they have a strong management team, and how does its cash look? Investors who have a higher risk appetite can go for higher-risk investments, which typically yield higher returns, but investors who can’t stomach the risk should go for lower-risk options. A rule of thumb in investing is to not invest what you cannot lose.

Teaching you how to protect your money while you build wealth is a top priority for our team at Profit Jumpstarter. We are committed to helping our clients generate wealth using proven strategies to not only generate wealth but also sustain it over a lifetime, which includes being proactive in protecting it as wealth. Here are some of the ways the team at Profit Jumpstarter recommends its clients protect their wealth:

  1. Enable bank and credit card activity alerts that give you email and mobile text notifications when a charge, withdrawal, or balance transfer exceeds a dollar amount you choose.
  1. Enable ‘failed login’ notifications for all your financial accounts
  1. Do online banking and other financial transactions on a virtual private network (VPN)
  1. Monitor Your Money Through Online Banking
  1. Check credit or debit card statements/reports periodically 

If you notice anything out of the ordinary as it relates to your financial transactions, reach out to your financial institution directly to confirm/verify any activity that seems out of the ordinary. If it smells “phishy” it probably is. Be smart with securing your money, by being alert, and protecting your legacy. Staying on top of your finances requires you to be consistent and intentional. Profit Jumpstarter is ready to provide you with the support you need to make financial checkups a part of your regular routine. Let’s build wealth together because achieving wealth is possible.