At the beginning of each year, many people use the time to hit the reset button in order to refocus on the goals they had previously set but have yet to accomplish. A new year signifies a new beginning, a clean slate to start fresh in the journey but have you ever stopped to think about the many years you have been carrying the same resolution that gets forgotten after a few months of the new year has passed? No matter how many chances you get “start over” if you fail to make a plan to achieve your goals then chances are you are planning on failing miserably at the end of the year to actually achieve those goals. This year, this month, today is your opportunity to do things differently, to take on a different approach. 

If you’re committed to seeing your goals through to completion this year, here are four tested and proven ways that Profit Jumpstarter clients have used over the years to avoid the need to hit reset each year. 

Connect every goal to a WHY

We talk about this often because it is important. It’s not enough to set goals into thin air, just because you feel like it or because that’s what everyone else is doing. You have to connect your goal to a reason. You need to know why you are setting this goal. For example: “I want to be financially free so I can retire in peace and not become dependent on my children,” or “I want to earn passively from multiple streams of income, so I can get out of the rat race and spend more time with my family.” Connecting your goal to a why gives your goal life, which makes it more realistic. 

Create a plan

You’ve identified why, now it’s time to make a plan. Break your goals down and determine the steps you need to take. This is the how, how will you make this goal become a reality, and what will you need to do? Creating a plan gives you a clear path to success because it keeps you focused. Breaking up your goals into consistent daily, weekly, and monthly intentional activities and outlining the actions that you need to take gives you the blueprint to achieving the goals you have set. 

Take action

For many people, setting a goal and creating a plan is the easy part. Taking action is where there is a challenge. The best way to move from plan to action is to start small and start now. Here is where you will now begin to add those daily, weekly, and monthly intentional activities to your routine. For your financial goals, this will look like creating, sticking to, and evaluating your budget, tracking your daily expenses and making notes, saving a calculated amount of your income consistently, based on your plan, identifying income streams to tap into, educating yourself about money through available mediums such as Profit Jumpstart Money Blueprint Course, Wealth Bootcamp, Di Money Classroom Youtube live classes or subscribing to membership groups such as the Money Squad to develop your financial literacy and education level.

For one particular client, we’ll call him Nathan, budgeting was something he had never done before, it was his goal to better manage his money and in order to do that he needed to create a budget and the thought of doing that alone was very overwhelming for him at first. Rather than jumping off the deep end immediately, we suggested that Nathan begin to collect his expense receipts and review them at the end of each day to see his spending patterns. Even though he did not start his budget right away he was taking small steps in the direction of his financial goal. In taking action, small steps matter, even when it doesn’t seem as though it’s making a difference, it’s making a difference. 

Address the anticipated obstacles 

There is a reason why some people find it difficult to achieve their goals even though they have set a realistic goal, created a plan, and even begun to take action but soon after losing steam. Somewhere along the line, they encountered an obstacle. The obstacle of fear, impatience, money, time, naysayers and so many other factors that can come into play. In the planning stage of goal setting it is important to address the anticipated obstacles by looking back at the possible reasons that prevented you from achieving your goals before and determining if those same obstacles are still a threat. Make a note of the obstacles and decide how best they can be eliminated as a goal snatcher. For example, if your goal is to start a business but you are fearful, take a look at what is the cause of the fear. If it’s because you’ve never run a business before, what steps can you take to gain more confidence? Start talking to business owners, possibly ask to work alongside a business owner to gain knowledge, or enroll in a course to get familiar with the basics of entrepreneurship. Instead of letting the obstacles stop you in your tracks, look for ways to overcome them. 

Even if 2022 was not all you wanted it to be, 2023 can still be YOUR year financially and Profit Jumpstarter can help you to get there.  Join our Wealth Bootcamp happening this week Jan 12th to 14th. Register for free at