Wealth Is About More Than Money

Think about this for a moment, you spend hours for years hustling, moving up the corporate ladder, business is growing, and you’re getting bigger and bigger paychecks. You rarely miss a day from work, hardly ever sleep, not have much time to eat, your child’s birthday, family events, and spending time with your loved ones have been sacrificed because you have to stack up the dollars. Your family and friends often complain that you are always chasing bags and you never have time for them, but you know that everything will be ok and everyone will be happy once you hit the jackpot.

One day it all crashes, you are now 60 and you find yourself sick, facing a near-death experience because you neglected your health. You have all the money you need to live the life you want but it’s being spent on medical bills. At this point, your family wants nothing to do with you, because in your pursuit of the money you neglected them and your friends, oh they have all gone too. At that moment, do you think the money would matter? If you believe that wealth is just about money, then it’s time to reevaluate your mindset around money. 

There are three aspects of wealth that often get overlooked because of money, these are – relationships, personal well-being, and health.

Here’s the big money question, what will wealth mean for YOU, when you finally achieve it? Will it mean finally being able to give your children a better life than you had? Or maybe you will be able to be financially independent when you retire, or does wealth mean being able to travel the world, being able to give more to a charitable cause, or buying that dream house your parents often spoke about that they weren’t able to afford? Your WHY more often than not will have a deep emotional connection to something that is important to you, which in most cases will have very little to do with having a lot of money. 

Once you are in your pursuit of wealth it is not wise for the accumulation of money to be the driving force of your wealth goals. Money is simply the tool that will help to bring your WHY to reality. Your WHY should be what keeps you focused but, if one is not careful, it can be sacrificed in the process of achieving the financial goal because many people end up chasing the money. This is why the team at Profit Jumpstarter encourages clients to actively invest so that money works for them rather than having to work the rest of their lives for money. That way your WHY remains the sole focus. 

If your goal for 2023 is to start or get back on your wealth journey, or if you are already on your way to achieving wealth and you have not yet asked yourself, “why do I want to be wealthy?” Then now is the time to answer that question and write it down where it is visible so it can be a reminder to help you stay on track with your why. 

Join our 3-day Wealth Bootcamp this month for strategies that will help you in your wealth-building journey so that you can get on the right path to achieving wealth the right way. Looking forward to seeing you there.