Why Wealth Requires INTENTIONALITY And Some Key Steps To Take

What are some of the things that you are intentional about in life? Is your financial wealth among them? Did you know that setting intentions can be a great way of improving your finances? Yes…It is completely possible to transform your financial situation through the power of intentional thoughts. Not quite sure how to set these intentions. That’s fine. First, let’s define what’s an intention and explain why it is important to be intentional about your finances.

An intention is less specific than a goal. It reflects a purpose or an attitude. It speaks to what direction you want your life to move towards. You can set intentions for every area of your life. For example, you can set an intention on being more forgiving, eating healthier, or exercising more regularly. Similarly, you can be intentional about your finances and at Profit Jumpstarter we whole-heartedly want you to be intentional about your finances. Specifically, we want you to work towards financial stability and financial freedom. Now working towards financial stability and financial freedom is your intention but your goal is the actions you will take in order for your financial stability and financial freedom to be a reality. These actions can include sticking to the 50/30/20 budgeting rule, getting rid of high-interest credit card debt, having an emergency fund, and doing regular and consistent contributions to your investment portfolio.

Setting intentions are important as it guides you on what your future would look like and what actions to take to move in that direction. Without intentions, you are forced to live a life in a more reactive way. It can be very easy to get caught up in life and its challenges and fail to set intentions to create the life you want to attain. By having clear intentions it is easier for you to take the necessary steps to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Now let’s focus on the different ways to set intentions for your finances. This includes:

1. Create a money mantra- this is a financial affirmation that reminds you of your goals. Having a money mantra can help you refocus on what your money intentions are whenever an obstacle may arise. Without a mantra, you can easily forget what your intentions are when things become more challenging. My personal money mantra is “money flows to me effortlessly.” 

2. Create a money ritual- once you have set your intentions, you should create a money ritual by checking in on your financial status either daily, weekly, or monthly. This helps you to keep a check on your money’s progress. By having a money ritual you’re able to regularly revisit your finances and if you require any readjustments you will now have that in mind going forward.

3. Look at your intentions daily- are you a person that likes to write things down, then this can work for you. Once you have determined your money intentions, write them down and place them in an area where you can see them daily. As a result, you’ll be reminded on a regular basis of what matters to you. This makes progress towards your intentions easier as they are at the forefront of your mind.

4. Look beyond the dollar signs- it can be easy to lose sight of what really matters so instead of focusing on the pennies it might cost you to obtain your money intentions,  you can consider how your money intentions can help improve your life. With each step towards a better financial future, remember what you want your life to look like in the future. Think about it and always take care of your future wealthy self.

5. Focus on the positives- it can be easy to forget the things you have already obtained while setting your money intentions for the future. Don’t forget to be grateful for those positive things you already have in your life. As you look towards your future, don’t discredit the blessings you already have.

The bottom line is that having money intentions can be a powerful tool for a better financial future. Now is the time to consider how money intentions can be useful in your own life. Take action and set your money intentions today.